Inspired by Nature, the Wonder of Permaculture

livingreenFor the moment, forget about what man has done to the environment and focus on what the environment can do for man and the planet.  Inspired by nature, Sustainable World Media highlights ingenious ways that nature makes changes and sustains where we live.  The format focuses around Permaculture, Soil, Rainwater Harvesting, Organic Farming, Food Forests and Rangeland Management.

Although this production company has a small following compared to the seven million followers of Facebook’s “I Love F**king Science”, what is important about Sustainable World Media is that it highlights people who are actively participating with the environment and taking steps.  Since the main thrust is permaculture, their first film The Soil Solution takes an in-depth look at our soil possibly being the solution for climate change.  Other fun posts include “Mushrooms cleaning up radioactive waste” and Santa Barbara Aquaponics growing vegetables and raising fish in a parking lot!  The videos are on YouTube as well. 

Sustainable World Media videos are produced by Carol Hirashima and Jill Cloutier.

Carol Hirashima is a Producer and Editor with over 20 years experience who has worked for several early edition programs for ‘Shark Week’, a 104-Episode Adventure Series for HIT Entertainment-UK, and a underwater children’s series called ‘Seascope’ for Jean-Michel Cousteau Productions and HIT Entertainment, UK.

Jill Cloutier is a Radio Producer, Environmental Educator, Writer and Filmmaker.  Jill is the host and producer of Sustainable World Radio- Permaculture and Ecology Podcast, an online radio show that explores practical, sustainable, and nature-based solutions to environmental challenges.  Jill a former livingreen employee teaches classes on Watershed Education, Organic Gardening, Composting, and Vermiculture.

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