Organic Mattresses…..Sooooo Worth It

OMI Organic Pedic Mattresses are hand made mattresses made from natural, organic materials like wool, organic cotton and natural latex.  They are made in the USA and come with an impressive OMIPurityGuarantee.

The top-of-bed accessories are equally impressive and made from the same natural materials.  We cannot avoid all toxins and chemicals in our lives but our personal sleeping environment can be pure, safe, healthy and very comfortable with products from OMI.  The Wooly Toppers and Eco Wool Comforters keep you warm in winter and breath to keep you comfortable in warmer months and OMI offers a variety of pillows to suit your desired comfort needs.


OMI Terra from Livingreen

OMI Wool Pillow from LIVINGREEN

OMI Eco Wool Pillow

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